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Guangzhou Exhibition

Instructions for participating in exhibitions

1. After the signing of the exhibition agreement, the exhibitor shall pay 50% of the booth fee as the deposit within 5 days, and the balance shall be paid two months before the opening of the exhibition. In case of late payment, the organizer will not guarantee the confirmed booth. Please forgive me for the change of booth.

2. The name of the exhibitor must be consistent with the name of the booth contract. It is not allowed to bring inflammable, explosive, toxic and other articles and products inconsistent with the products declared for participation into the exhibition hall, otherwise the organizer has the right to clear them out of the exhibition hall, the exhibition fee will not be returned and the right to investigate the responsibility of the exhibitors will be reserved. No products other than toys, airplanes, bags, costumes, telescopes, massagers, cutting tools, Juicers, jewelry, necklaces and other hotel supplies are allowed to participate in the exhibition. Once it is found that the host has the right to clear them out of the exhibition hall, the amount paid shall not be refunded. Exhibitors are not allowed to display products infringing others' intellectual property rights. In case of any discovery, the host has the right to seal up the infringing products or clear them out of the exhibition hall, and the exhibition fee will not be refunded.

3. For bare space exhibition, first report the drawings to our company and wait for the approval of the Fire Department of the exhibition hall before construction. The management fee and electricity fee shall be paid before November 19, 2019, and 30% electricity surcharge shall be charged for the exhibition hall from November 20. For booths that do not pay electricity and management fees, there will be no power supply at the exhibition site. If electricity is stolen, power will be cut off and legal responsibilities will be investigated during the exhibition. The management fee is 30 yuan per square meter. Please refer to the exhibition manual for the charging standard of electricity.

4. If the stand is changed to a bare space stand (or a bare space stand is changed to a standard stand stand), please confirm with Party A before November 19, 2020, and pay the dismantling fee from November 20.

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  • phone:15914335058许经理
  • address:2507, Wuyang New City Plaza, #111 Siyou Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

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