2021 The 28th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition

2020 the 27th in guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition exhibition size of 200000 square meters, more than 3000 exhibitors, the sentiment, and discuss the warm, clinch a deal, enthusiastically received three days over 200000 professional visitors,. The exhibition has become the world's largest hotel supplies industry exhibition is a bellwether. An annual one of guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition also become the focus of world hotel supplies industry, attract the attention of the global hotel purchaser elite.
The 28th guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition in 2021 on December to guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center. Eight theme of this exhibition galleries (desktop supplies, cleaning equipment supplies hotel lobby supplies, kitchen equipment, supplies, food and beverage, guest room supplies, hotel furniture, hotel intelligent products), the exhibition area of 300000 square meters, is expected to gather more than 4000 high-end exhibitors all over the world. Wing together with brands. More rich product category, the source of enterprises more widely, read more, more bright bright spot. For the Chinese hotel supplies company set up a more professional, more extensive stage, to the prosperity of the Chinese hotel supplies market, infuse new power to promote the export of Chinese hotel supplies.

Why do you attend the exhibition

.The first choice platform for new products and commercial purchasing.
.Gathering more than 400,000 professional purchasers in both China and abroad.
.Gathering more than 4,500 brand exhibitors.Leading the development trend of the industry.
.Helping enterprises to develop market in both China and abroad.
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Why Visit

.All related categories are available, covering the entire industrial chain of hotels and restaurants.
.Gathering More than 4,500 top brands and exhibitors in China and abroad.
.The largest hotel industry exhibition in the world, including 300,000 square meters, 34 pavilions and more than 18,000 booths.
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